Photograph of Adam HejnowiczDr Adam Peter Hejnowicz, Lecturer in Climate Change Adaptation, and Programme Director and Cohort Lead MSc in Carbon Management, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh.
Adam is an interdisciplinary social-ecological scientist who has worked at the intersection of environment, development and sustainability issues since 2008. His applied, policy-facing, and transdisciplinary research concerns the sustainability and governance of complex social-ecological systems, and draws on mixed method approaches and plural epistemologies.

Adam has undertaken research in the UK (agri-environment, rural development, and post-Brexit policy), Asia (climate adaptation and governance in Asian mega-deltas in India and Vietnam), sub-
Saharan Africa (urban climate resilience and coastal ecosystem services in Kenya, Namibia andTanzania) and Latin America (biodiversity conservation and community education in Ecuador and
Costa Rica).

Throughout his career, Adam’s research has involved engaging with local, regional, and national government agencies, departments and ministries; community-based organizations; local, national and international NGOs as well as multilateral donors and intergovernmental organizations.
Adam read Biochemistry and Biology at the University of Keele, and holds Master’s degrees in Integrative Bioscience from the University of Oxford and Ecology and Environmental Management from the University of York. He holds a PhD in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management also from the University of York. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, he held postdoctoral positions at the Universities of York, Sheffield and Newcastle.